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 How do I create an account?
 When you first log into Farm Town, the mayor will guide you through the setup process. You need to enter a name for your Avatar and select your gender. On the next screen you are presented with the Avatar Editor, where you can change how you want your ava
 How do I change my appearance?
 You can change your look at any point by clicking on your Avatar and selecting 'Change Appearance' from the popup menu. This will launch the Avatar Editor where you can change your look.
 How can I change the name and sex of my Avatar?
 Click on the Account tab at the top of your farm screen (it is the last tab on the far right). This will take you to another screen where you can key in your new name. Once you have changed your name it will automatically update all your neighbours and bu
 What are Farm Town Coins?
 Coins let you buy seeds, trees, animals, buildings and more for your farm.
 How can I earn Farm Town Coins?
 Coins can be earned by selling your harvests or by working at someone else's farm. You can earn Coins by selling the gifts your friends send you. Or by tending your friends farms.
 How do I make money quickly?
 When your crops are ready to harvest, make sure you hire someone to harvest them for you so that you make more money. For the first few days, re-invest all the money you make into planting new crops. Potatoes are a good starter crop since they take a sing
 How do I visit other people's farms?
 You can click on people in your neighbours list to visit their farms, or you can click on the list of people right at the bottom of your screen when you are in your farm (it has a horizontal list of people playing with their Avatars underneath).
 How do I move around the marketplace?
 When you arrive in the marketplace click on the walk button and then click your cursor on an area you would like to walk to. Your avatar will move there. If you have sold crops and then want to move you might get a Saving message. Just wait for a couple o
 How do I change my farm name?
 Click on the bar on the top of your farm screen to the right of the experience points bar. When you hover over it you will see a message appear that says "Click to edit farm name"
 Is there another way to move my farm besides clicking on the green diamond-shaped logo?
 You can pan by clicking on a specific spot on your farm and dragging your farm around with your mouse.
 Toolbox (top right of farm screen)
  What is the Computer Disk Symbol? This is a new save function and it must be clicked every time you exit the game, visit another page on Facebook, exit the browser window, log off etc... Every 20 seconds or so the system reloads on its own saving
 Why can't I sell the items on my farm?
 To be able to start selling items on your farm e.g. animals, trees etc... you need to have earned the Influential Neighbours Trophy. To earn that trophy you have to have 8 neighbours (Facebook Friends that are playing Farm Town).
 I won a trophy and it says I have got $500 to spend in the store - is this correct?
 The trophy is won by SPENDING 500 coins in the store e.g. buying seeds, animals, hay bales, fences, barrels, windmill etc... You are not awarded actual money for this. You just earn the trophy once you have accomplished this.
 Who are my neighbours?
 Your neighbours are friends whose farms are close to yours.
 How do I add friends as a neighbours?
 Go to the 'My Neighbours' tab. If your friends have a farm in Farm Town, click on 'Add as a Neighbour'. If your friends do not own a farm yet, select them from the list, and invite them over.
 How do I my neighbours farms if they are not on my immediate neighbours tab?
 You can visit your other neighbours (Facebook Friends with the Farm Town app) by clicking on your neighbours tab at the top of your farm screen. This will take you to a list of all your neighbours. If you click on their farm it will take you there directl
 What are the differences between neighbours and buddies?
 Neighbours have to be Facebook Friends and you can send them gifts. When you visit neighbours you will have the option to help them rake, water or pull weeds on their farm. You will be able to do this once a day per neighbour. You cannot do this with budd
 Can I have more than 8 neighbours?
 You can now have more than just 8 immediate neighbours. You can accept other people as Facebook Friends and they will be added to your My Neighbours listing. You can change your immediate neighbours by clicking on their pictures in the neighbour slots at
 How do I add someone to my buddy list?
 When someone is on your farm you can click on their Avatar and a list will pop up. Click on the add to buddy list option. They will receive a message asking them to become your buddy.
 How do I visit my buddies?
 image:users.jpgClick on the two person logo at the bottom right of your screen and you will get a list of all the people you have added to your buddy list. If there is a green button on the far right of their name then they are online. If you click the "w
 What are the buddy lists for?
 It gives you the option to visit people who are not your Facebook Friends and they can hire you to work on their farm. You can refer to your buddy list when you need someone to harvest your crops for you. When they are online a green button appears to the
 How do I plant crops in my farm?
 To plant crops you need to till the ground using the Plow Tool (Hoe icon). After the field is tilled, you can go to the Store and purchase seeds for crops you want to plant, then with the seed bag selected, click on the tilled fields to sow. Note: You are
 How do I harvest crops and trees?
 Once a planted field is ready to be harvested, use the Harvest Tool (scythe icon) and click on the field or tree to be harvested. Every time you harvest you are given the option to sell your harvests right there from your farm, or to collect them and plac
 How do I put down the plowing tool once I am finished?
 Click on the button with the Walking Symbol or the Harvesting Scythe to deactivate the plowing too
 How do I buy a water hose, gloves or a rake?
 You cannot purchase these items in the store. When you are asked to help on another farmers farm a screen will pop up telling you what needs to be done e.g. if their farm needs watering it will ask if you want to do that. You will get two options - either
 Why do my exp points go from 6 to 1 when tending a neighbours farm?
 You earn 6 exp points for every neighbour whose farm you tend (watering, raking and pulling weeds) within a 24-hour period up to a limit of 50. After that you earn 1 exp point until the clock resets.
 How long does it take for a planted field to be ready for harvesting?
 This varies among the different types of crops. The time it takes for each crop is shown in the store next to the bags of seeds.
 Why did some of my crops go to waste?
 If a crop is ready to be harvested and is not harvested right away it may go to waste. This time varies from crop to crop and is about the same time it takes for the crop to mature. Note: a Farm Town day is approximately 20 hours. At this point in time, f
 Can other people visiting my farm harvest my crops?
 No they can't. They can chat with you if they are in your farm at the same time as you. They can also help pull weeds, rake or do other related tasks for which they will earn money.
 Why is there a plus (+) sign in my storage area instead of the number of crops harvested?
 Once you have over 100 crops in storage it will be reflected as a plus (+).
 Why do some of my harvested crops that I sell say "Large" and others don't?
 Crops will appear in storage and in the marketplace in bags or crates, depending on which crop it is. If someone else harvests your crops for you then your crop will be labelled as e.g. sunflowers (Large). These are the crops that you receive more money f
 If a group of people harvest my crops do I earn more money?
 You don't earn more money if more than one person harvests your crops. One particular plot can only be harvested by one particular person and therefore you will only earn the regular set price on that particular crop.
 Can we harvest our neighbours crops when they are away on holiday?
 This is not possible but the developers are looking at taking this into consideration in the future. The best advice for now is, if you know you are going away for an extended period of time, to harvest all your crops and not replant anything until you re
 How do I sell my harvest or gifts in the marketplace?
 When you first arrive a screen pops up asking you what you would like to do in the marketplace. One of the options is to sell your harvest or gifts. If this screen disappears just go over to Tom who is a stationary figure in the marketplace and click on h
 When should I hire someone?
 You only need to hire someone when you have crops that are ready to be harvested.
 How do I hire someone to work on my farm?
 The easiest thing to do is to go to the marketplace and to click on someone's Avatar. A screen will pop up with a number of options - one of them reads as follows: Hire to work at your farm. If they agree to do it for you, you will get the option to go wi
 What are the benefits of hiring somebody to work at your farm?
 When a hired user harvests fields at your farm, you get Large boxes of the corresponding vegetable or fruit. Earning you more coins when you sell them at the marketplace.
 If I am hired and I work at somebody else's farm, how many coins do I receive?
 You will receive 25% of the coins fetched by the crops you harvest.
 How do I water my flowers?
 Click on the toolbox on the lower right-hand menu and select the watering can from the pop-up menu. Move the green square that appears over the flowers you would like to water. Hold down the mouse button, not simply click (you don't have to hold it down t
 Do flowers die if not watered?
 Flowers do "die" if they aren't watered at least once every three farm town days (a farm town day is 20 hours long). As soon as you water them again they come back to life.
 How long does it take for flowers to be fully grown?
 The flowers take about 3 days till they are fully grown and are in full bloom.
 Do I earn experience points for watering flowers on my farm or a neighbours farm?
 You do not earn experience points when watering flowers.
 Why can I not see the flowers I placed on my farm?
 Make sure you have “Show Flowers” checked (click on the wrench symbol on the upper right menu of your farm) and refresh your farm once you have done so.
 Why do I get a message that says “Flowers can only be watered once a day”?
 Your neighbours can water your flowers for you and earn 1 coin for each flower when they do so. Watering flowers is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once a neighbour has watered them, you will not be able to water them as well. You are only able to wate
 How much am I charged for watering my flowers?
 You are charged 1 coin per flower/plant that is watered. If your neighbours water your plants for you, they will earn 1 coin per flower/plant that they water.
 Can I harvest the flowers?
 The flowers cannot be harvested but you can sell them. If you click on them (whether just planted or in full bloom) the pop-up menu will give you the option to sell.
 Can I water a buddies flowers?
 You can only water a neighbours flowers (and only those neighbours who are on your neighbour bar at the bottom left of your farm – NOT neighbours on your neighbour listing that don't appear on your neighbour bar). You cannot water buddies flowers.
  Can you freeze your flowers if you go away on holiday and cannot water them?
 This is not possible. The flowers, at this point in time, will die if not watered but, will revive once watered again. If you click the "Freeze Growth" option on a flower, it DOES need to be watered as all you are doing is stopping it at whatever stage of
 Why did a flower revert back to the first stage of growth when I moved it?
 When you move a flower it goes back to the first stage of growth. Once you have refreshed the game the plant will be back to the size it was BEFORE you moved it.
 I cannot plow/harvest my plots near flowers, what do I do?
 If you're trying to plow/harvest your plots near flowers, deselect "Show Flowers" in your preferences (remember to reselect it when you are done) or you can simply “Hide” the flowers temporarily.
 How can I add Animals to my farm?
 You can purchase animals in the store. Some animals are made available as you progress in the game. You can also ask your friends to send you animals as gifts (using the Send Gifts page).
 My animals are all over the farm. They are eating my crops!
 You can fence in your animals, to keep them from wandering around. To do this, buy fences in the Store, in the 'Barn, Other' tab. Note: this option has not been brought online yet.
 What is the "Eat" command on the menu when I click on an animal for?
 This is a command to make your animals eat e.g. if you do that with a squirrel it will sit and eat a nut. This does not make them eat your crops and is not a command for you to eat them either.
 How do I sell an animal?
 Click on the animal, and select 'Sell' from the popup menu. Notice that the sell price is much less than what you paid on the store.
 What can I do with the animals on my farm?
 You can sell the animals by clicking on them and choosing the option to sell. This is only worth your while if you have received them as gifts. They currently don't have any other function.
 Why won't my animals stay in the pens I made using the fence pieces?
 Bear in mind that a small pen e.g. 1x1 is not big enough for a lot of animals and they won't remain in there. Make sure that your fence pieces connect properly. You can also use the perimeter of your farm as outer fencing, which also gives you more yardag
 How do I rotate the fencing?
 You cannot turn them manually but each piece you buy in the Store goes in a certain direction (one horizontal and one vertical - that is how you build your fences)
 What are the bales of hay, barrels and other items available for purchase for?
 At this point in time they are just for decoration. The bales of hay might be used to feed the animals at some point in the game.
 When I click on a tree I get a "Send as a Gift" option - what does that do?
 This does not send the actual tree you have clicked on. It merely redirects you to send a gift to a Farm Town Facebook Friend (neighbour). You can only do this is you have that specific tree unlocked in the game. This will also count towards your 24 daily
 I have accidentally hidden a tree - how do I get it back?
 The hide function was introduced by the developers to help farmers reach crops that may be hidden by trees or buildings. When you click on a tree (or any other item like buildings) you will receive an option to "Hide" that tree. When you activate the opti
 Why won't the pop-up menu activate when I try to select my well to move it?
 Make sure that the item you are trying to select is not too close to another item on your farm e.g. a tree. You can either move the tree out of the way or use the Hide function to hide the tree. You will now be able to select the well and the pop-up menu
 Why did the fruit disappear when I moved a tree and reset it to 0%?
 This is only temporary. All you need to do is to reload your farm page and the tree will be back, ready to be harvested.
 Why are some of the trees locked for purchase in the store?
 This part of the store has not been activated yet.
 How do I send gifts to my Farm Town Facebook Friends only?
 There is a Farmer Friends Tab in the middle between the All Friends and Facebook Friends tabs. When you have clicked on a gift and have proceeded to send the item these options will appear. The Farmer Friends list will show all those people who are your F
 How many gifts can I send per day?
 The current limit is around 28 (this is determined by Facebook and may change on a daily basis). You can send a gift to the same friend twice during the space of a day (AM & PM) e.g. you can send 14 gifts to 12 friends in the morning and then again to the
 Why are some of my gifts missing - I accepted them in Facebook?
 You need to ensure that you accept your gifts one at a time. Each time you have accepted one, click on Yes to go back and accept the others. If you try to rapidly accept your gifts in Facebook you WILL lose gifts.
 Why am I no longer receiving gifts from a specific friend?
 Below the accept gift button in your requests box is a small link that reads " Ignore All Invites From This Friend" Is it possible you accidentally clicked this at some point when accepting a gift from this person? To check this hover your pointer over
 How can I report users for inappropriate behavior?
 Click on the user, and select 'Ignore User' in the popup menu. This will keep the user from contacting you again. If a user is reported by enough people, the user will be banned for all eternity and thereafter.
 I accidentally Ignored one of my neighbours/buddies, how do I unblock them?
 Click on the Accounts tab at the top of your farm screen. Click on Blocked Users next to Preferences and then unblock the user from the list that appears. Note: As soon as you have ignored someone they will be the first person on the ignored user list.
 Can someone leave me messages on my farm wall if I blocked them?
 Once you have blocked someone they can still access your farm if you are on their buddy list. You cannot see them or any messages they may try to leave in your chat box or on your farm wall. People visiting your farm will still be able to see them and to
 What is the envelope on my farm screen for?
 this is the messaging centre. When you have received a message red numbers will appear indicating the number of messages you have available. Click on the envelope and your messages will be opened. The message centre stores the last 10 messages that you ha
 Why can't I type in the chat box when I am in full screen mode?
 This is a limitation of Adobe Flash. When the game is in fullscreen mode, the keyboard is disabled. A quick fix for this is to type the message in a program like Word or Notepad and to copy and paste it into the chat box. You can also type the message in
 How do I access the Real Estate Office to increase the size of my farm?
 You gain access to the Real Estate Office at level 15. The first upgrade will cost you $20 000 coins, the second $25 000, the third $30 000 (increasing in increments of $5 000 coins) except for the final upgrade (24x24). To gain access to each upgrade, yo
 What is the Inn for?
 The Inn is somewhere for players to congregate and to get to know one another. It is not a venue for people to ask for work - that is what the marketplace is for.
 I did not receive the coins from an offer that I completed, what do I do?
 The service is provided by a third party which the developers of Farm Town have no control over. If you have problems click this link:[1]] for your Super Rewards Status and click on the Awarded Offers tab. This will show the current status of your purchas
 Will removing & reinstalling the application help fix errors and glitches?
 Removing and reinstalling Farm Town will not make any difference at all and will not help fix any errors or glitches you may be experiencing.
 What are the minimum computer requirements to successfully run Farm Town?
 Many new systems are often under-powered when it comes to one critical component, RAM (memory). Some antivirus programs are notorious users of RAM, and it's important to have enough to go around, or your operating system starts having to use disk space as
 How do I stop Farm Town e-mailing me notifications?
 Hover over Settings at the top of Facebook and click Account Settings. Click the Notifications tab and if you scroll down you can turn off particular applications from notifying you by e-mail when something happens. Just turn the Farm Town one off.
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